The Ultimate Fighter: Australia Vs UK, aka ‘The Smashes’ gets underway on Wednesday and according to UFC president Dana White it takes the show to another level.

“Smashes is fucking NUTS!!! Craziest season of TUF EVER!!!!!” White told a fan on Twitter who enquired which was better out of this one and TUF 16 which premiered on FX on Friday night.

Given that the promo for TUF 16 that was doing the rounds earlier in the week seemed to feature a lot of “crazy” incidents, ‘The Smashes’ must really be going some to top that – not to mention other wild series from the long-running show’s past.

Earlier in the week White had hinted that it was the natural rivalry between the UK and OZ that appears to have been the key ingredient to an entertaining season.

“These guys have definitely made the second international ‘TUF’ show can’t-miss TV,” White stated. “Going into this thing, I had no idea just how much the Aussies and the Brits can’t stand losing to each other. Now I know.”

Sounds good.  Interestingly though, White has so far been pretty muted about TUF 16, other than talking about his strained relationship with season coach Roy Nelson.

That’s potentially a cause for concern as out the two shows it’s TUF 16 that’s most important to the company since outside of the two countries involved in TUF: OZ Vs UK the only way for people to watch it is on the internet (though a re-run on Fuel TV at some stage is very likely).

After the disappointment ratings wise for TUF 15 the company badly needs a home-run this season so hopefully it’s engaging enough on a week-to-week basis to keep viewers tuning in.