Dana White Confirms Rampage Jackson’s Return To The UFC

Ahead of last weekends TUF finale Quinton Rampage Jackson announced that on his site that he was to return to the UFC to finish his contract.

At today’s UFC 107 pre-fight press conference Dana White confirmed he was back.

“He’s still with us, he’ll be fighting in the next few months,” he told the assembled media.

After the conference, he elaborated on how the two came to an agreement.

“Me and Rampage had a unpleasant 45 minute conversation right before the finale,” he told mmaweekly.

“We started fighting on text that day.  He sent me a really bad text and I sent him a really bad text back, and then he sent me a text that said ‘call me, I can’t spell good enough to fight over text’ and then that’s how it started.”

As for the much anticipated fight between Rampage and Rashad Evans, the two coaches on the past season of TUF,  White made his feelings on the matter clear, admitting, “I want to see that happen.”

One obstacle that has to be overcome first is Evans upcoming fight with Thiago Silva.  White has confirmed that the Rampage – Evans fight will take place if Evans is victorious in the bout at UFC 108 on January 2nd, but hasn’t stated what will happen if he loses.

One thing he is certain of is that he is no longer angry with Rampage after the public war of words between the two in recent months.

“I’m over it,” he says.


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