Dana White Confirms Strikeforce Will Live To Fight Another Day

Speaking after today’s UFC 140 pre-fight press conference Dana White brought an end to a long-running story by confirmed that the Strikeforce promotion will be continuing into 2012 and beyond.

“It’s staying, and hopefully I’ll have all the information for you next week,” MMAJunkie reports White as having stated to the assembled media.

For months it had appeared almost certain that Strikeforce was going to fold after it’s current deal with Showtime ends early next year due to the fact that the UFC appeared to be stripping it of it’s biggest stars like Alistair Overeem, Nick Diaz and Dan Henderson.

Things took a more positive turn recently when White himself unexpectedly stepped in to negotiations with Showtime over the promotions future after previously having distanced himself from them.

Not only has his involvement apparently helped the two parties come to an agreement, but it seems White has some new plans for Strikeforce in 2012.

“Just sit and wait and watch what I do,” he teased. “Trust me, it’s going to be just fine. Like I said last time I talked to you guys about this, I’m getting into this, and I’m going to handle it. Watch and see.

The biggest winners here are probably the promotion’s female fighters who looked like they were about to get hung out to dry if Strikeforce had folded since White has made it clear he doesn’t think there’s enough talent in the woman’s weight-classes to warrant them being drafted in to the UFC.

Strikeforce helped make stars out of the likes of Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos, Miesha Tate and the up and coming Ronda Rousey, and the fact that there will continue to be a platform for them to shine, and others to follow in there footsteps, is a very good thing indeed.

Meanwhile some of their male counterparts may not be quite so thrilled by the news. Consider lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez for instance who’s been hovering on the verge of a move to the UFC for some time, and a host of others like him.

Strikeforce folding would automatically have meant they would have been moved over to the big show, but now it’s unclear whether Zuffa will still continue to move the bigger name stars over to the UFC, or alternatively now look to keep them in Strikeforce.

More details on this and the length of any new TV deal they have struck with Showtime should become apparent in the coming days so stay tuned to https://mmainsight.com for all the latest news.


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