UFC fighter Tim Kennedy recently rocked the boat when he suggested that many fighters weren’t being paid enough, leading to Dana White suggesting that they could do away with the current bonus structure in order to pay undercard fighters more money.

However, during today’s ‘UFC On FOX 8’ media call White revealed that after feedback from the fighters themselves they’ve decided to maintain the status quo.

“At the last press conference, I talked to the press I told them we’re not doing away with the fight of the night bonuses,” White stated. “After I said that, I got a lot of feedback from the fighters. The fighters want the finish bonuses. They want the finish bonuses and they want the discretionary bonuses to stay the same, so, that’s that.”

I’ve said all along that this was gamesmanship on White’s part. He knew that fighters wouldn’t be willing to give up their potential $50,000 bonuses like ‘Fight Of The Night’, ‘Knockout Of The Night’ and ‘Submission Of The Night’, and it wasn’t in the UFC’s best interests to do away with them either since they were designed to encourage fighters to put on more exciting fights.

The issue of some fighters being paid relatively low salaries remains though and hopefully this bit of misdirection won’t result in it being swept under the carpet.