Dana White Dismisses The Idea Of Women Fighting In The UFC

Woman’s mixed martial arts has certainly grown in popularity over the past few years. Promotions like Strikeforce and Bellator have began supporting it with regular bouts and tournaments alongside their male counterparts, helping to give greater exposure to female fighters like Gina Carano, Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos,, Marloes Coenen, Megumi Fuji and Zoila Frausto.

Despite that the sports biggest stage remains out of reach. In the past UFC president Dana White has declined the notion of allowing females to compete, pointing out that there’s a lack of genuinely talented fighters available at this moment in time.

“Right now the place that it’s in is much like female boxing at one time. You probably have three or four girls that are really good and a lot of girls that aren’t, so it makes for some real bad mismatches,” White told MMAWeekly last year. “But I think as the sport continues to grow around the world and more and more kids start getting involved in mixed martial arts I think that’s going to change.”

Last night when asked when we’d see woman fighting in the UFC by TMZ, White’s answer was a little less diplomatic.

“Never…never,” he said with a chuckle.

I wouldn’t be quite so hasty to slam the door shut on it happening at some stage in the future, but I do agree with White’s sentiments from last year that as it stands the talent pool isn’t deep enough to justify the UFC welcoming them on-board.

That doesn’t mean there’s isn’t good fights being put on by the other promotions though. Personally I’m looking forward to Marloes Coenen attempting to defend her 135lb Strikeforce title against Meisha Tate in the early months of this year.


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