Dana White Expects Chuck Liddell Will Now Retire

Chuck Liddell was taken to hospital immediately after his knockout loss to Rich Franklin in the main event of UFC 115 and so there’s no confirmation yet, but the signs are that this will indeed be the last time we’ll see him fight in the octagon.

At the conclusion of the pay-per-view event Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg appeared to be in agreement that this should be the last time he fights.  Later in the post-fight press conference Dana White agreed that  it was time for Liddell to retire, adding that he hoped the fighter felt the same way.

White, like most others who have watched Liddell’s recent fights, sees that the former champion’s achilles heel is now his chin.

“I’ll be the first one to say he does not have the chin he used to have. I’ve been around fighters my whole life – you could have hit Chuck in a face with that pole over there, and you wouldn’t knock him out. If you look at some of his earlier fights and some of the shots that he used to get hit with, they would have knocked any other fighter out.

“He had an incredible chin, and listen – we all turn 40. We all get old. Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball (player). It happens to everybody.”

The only word from Liddell after the fight has  so far come from his friend Jay Glazer who posted the following updates on twitter.

“At the hospital, obviously very disappointed. Really didn’t want to let his fans down. Bummed.”

“At hospital w him now. He’s ok folks. Thanks for asking. Bummed”


  1. Man, no one likes to see this, ya know? The obvious parallel is Jens Pulver, although it seems that w/Pulver, it’s more of a matter of him just seeming to be a half step behind on the ground and his overall speed, and against guy’s a generation younger than you, who have basically built their careers by studying what you and your peers have done, even a HALF of a half step is too much.

    We all love Chuck Liddell (well MOST of us), and everybody loves a good comeback story, but you can’t out train physiology. I.e.,at some point, particularly the strikers, and EVEN MORE SO fero scrappy, balls out fighters like Chuck, a body just CAN NOT brush off serious blows to the head.

    We love you Chuck; we ALWAYS WILL: we’ll never forget the things you’ve done. Don’t persist to the point that it’s painful just to think about you.

  2. I agree Matt. It’s a shame because you could see in his last fight that he still has the skills to be dangerous, but a weak chin is the ultimate achilles heel in this sport.


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