Dana White Expresses Disappointment At The Simpsons Take On MMA

Dana White has expressed his disappointment at the way the sport of Mixed Martial Arts was portrayed in an episode of ‘The Simpsons’ which aired on Sunday night.

Speaking to USA Today White says, “I was disappointed.  I think it was typical of people that don’t know anything about the sport.”

He also said that he felt uncomfortable with the depiction of children imitating MMA moves in the playground and the idea that fans of the sport were there purely to see blood spilled

We like fighting,” White stated. “But to make it sound like the UFC crowd is this bloodthirsty crowd that shows up and just want to see people get their (butts) kicked — that’s not true. That’s the stigma that the mainstream has of us.”

White suggests that there is still a a lot of work to be done before MMA truely becomes accepted as a sport. The Simpsons program will show you how mainstream we’re not,” he says.

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