After hosting the most bizarre UFC pre-fight press conference yesterday for UFC 137 in which main event star Nick Diaz failed to show up and was then cut from the event, Dana White took time out to speak with’s Megan Olivi about the week’s major talking points.

See keynotes from their conversation below and scroll down to watch the video in full for yourselves.

– Dana White doesn’t seem interested in the idea of fining stars who don’t show up for media events like this, and instead backs his original stance which is that it should result in the fighter being pulled from the fight.

– If everything had gone according to plan White believes the fight with GSP would have been a “life changing opportunity” for Diaz.

– White believes it makes “absolute sense” that Carlos Condit should get the next title shot and he believes it will be a great fight.

– Moving on to the announcement of Velasquez Vs Dos Santos which will headline UFC On FOX 1 in November, White dismisses the idea that the personalities of the fighter’s is important and instead points to the skill-set of both men and the strong potential for this to be an exciting fight as being the big selling point.

– Dana confirms that the UFC On FOX event will be a full card, but only the title bout wil air live on the network. Alternative arrangements are still being sought in order to air the rest of the card.

– Jon Fitch will not be stepping in to replace Carlos Condit against BJ Penn at UFC 136 as White claims he won’t be ready in time. He does have someone in mind for the bout, but he won’t be drawn on who it is yet.