Dana White Is Back On The Offensive After Strikeforce’s CBS Event

A familiar pattern of events is now occurring in the world of Mixed Martial Arts as Dana White once again looks to shoot down another promotion who are attempting to establish themselves as credible competition for the UFC.

After the news that Strikeforce had pulled in an average of just over 4 million viewers for their event on CBS last weekend, Dana White had plenty to say on the matter to Yahoo! Sports Dave Meltzer, and none of it was complementary.

“CBS made its biggest mistake partnering with a tiny, small show with a roster no one cares about,” White told him. “Just because you read on MMA.TV that someone is a superstar doesn’t make it true.”

“We’re pulling those numbers on Spike. I mean, how the fuck is what they did considered any good in any way, shape or form?” he asked. “What kind of numbers do you think we would pull with a live show on CBS? I’ll tell you. Huge. It would be significantly, significantly more than what they got with these idiots from Showtime.”

As for Scott Cokers response?

“You’d think everyone [in the industry] would be happy because it’s great for the industry for everyone to be doing well,” he said.

Dana White’s war of words with the promotion has been increasing in recent times but it wasn’t always this way. Contrast his latest comments with his thoughts on Scott Coker a little over a year ago in a conversation with Kevin iole of Yahoo! Sports.

“This sport needs more guys like Scott Coker,” White said. “He puts on a good show and I think if you talked to his fighters about him, they’d all have good things to say.”

A few months later he was still happy to lavish praise on the promotion, as reported by nokault.com.

“Strikeforce is a good show. They’ve been putting on good fights for a long time. They run a great business,” He said before adding, “These guys run a real promotion.”

All of which goes to show that you should always take what Dana White says with a pinch of salt.  He says whatever he feels is necessary to ensure that the UFC remains as the No.1 promotion in the sport.  In his mind it’s nothing personal, just business.

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