Apparently not content with calling Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller’s loss to Michael Bisping at the TUF 14 Finale last weekend as, “The most one-sided fight I might have seen in the UFC!”” Dana White had more criticism for the former Strikeforce fighter at yesterday’s ‘UFC On FOX 2’ press conference.

“It was bad,” Dana White recalls. “To be honest, believe me, my Twitter has been blowing up with all the Mayhem fans blasting me, but facts are facts. It was the worst standup I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen worse standup. The guy’s been in the business for over 10 years. It looked like it was his first fight ever. It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.”

He wasn’t quite done with the verbal roasting yet though.

“Some of the punches that were thrown by Mayhem Miller in this fight, you could go to a girls’ Tae Bo class and see better form, better stand-up. It was embarrassing.”

Pretty harsh, but there is certainly an element of truth in what the UFC president is saying. Mayhem’s stand-up was of an exceptionally low standard at the weekend for a fighter of his calibre. He was winging his punches with little regard for form, his footwork was sloppy and he just looked awkward out there.

It was puzzling as I’ve seen a lot of Miller’s fights over the years and while he’s never going to be mistaken for a great striker, he has looked better than this.

Even so, given that he had a 14 month layoff prior to this fight you’d have to think that a fighter with his experience and name value would be worth keeping on for at least one more fight, especially since they are only paying him $45,000 to show + $45,000 to win.

The fact that White has been hinting at the possibility of releasing him suggests that it could simply be the case that he has a genuine dislike for him. Let’s not forget that he cut him once before after just one fight against GSP back in 2005 which raised a few eyebrows.

It’s an accusation that White denies though – even doing so yesterday when challenged by a fan on Twitter about the harshness of his recent statements.

“I do like mayhem and he did an awesome job on TUF doesn’t change the fact that his standup was horrible in the finale.”

It should be noted that White has yet to confirm whether Mayhem has been cut or not, so despite being put on blast it’s possible he’ll get one more chance to prove himself.

However, with the rumors continuing to circulate that Strikeforce may survive beyond it’s current deal with Showtime which ends in early 2012 he may find himself back there sooner rather than later.

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