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Dana White Looks For Lyoto Machida Vs Shogun Rua Rematch

In the post-fight press conference for UFC 104 Dana White was quick to let it be known that he disagreed with the outcome of the main event of the evening between Lyoto Machida And Mauricio Shogun Rua

“I thought Shogun won the fight,” he admitted before going on to confirm that a second fight between the two was  already very much on his mind.

“I think there will be a rematch in that fight, I’ve talked to both of them (and) they’ve both agreed to a rematch.”

Despite backing Rua’s case for winning the fight White suggested that neither fighter had really seized the opportunity to definitely win the fight.

“At the end of every round, neither one of the guys went after it, neither guy tried to steal the round.”

Watch Dana White’s comments from the post fight conference courtesy of below…

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