When Quinton Jackson suddenly became in need of a new opponent for UFC 130 recently, the rumor mill quickly threw out Rashad Evans name as the likely replacement.

In the end it was Matt Hamill who was called up instead, and from the sounds of things UFC president Dana White wasn’t exactly in a hurry to put on Ramapage Vs Evans 2.

“Talking’s fun before the fight, but if you do all this talking and then you go in there and don’t fight, who wants to see that sh*t again?” stated White in a new interview with USA Today. “Rampage-Rashad, the f*ckin’ snoozefest? I don’t want to see that f*ckin’ fight again.”

According to White, Rampage Vs Hamill should produce a better end product for the fans.

“Matt Hamill and Rampage might not talk a bunch of (crap) about each other before the fight, but when have you not seen Matt Hamill fight? Matt Hamill’s going to go in there and try to beat him.”

It’s an interesting assessment from the UFC head honcho. Certainly Rampage Vs Evans didn’t produce the fireworks people had been hoping for, but it did do big business, with over a million pay-per-view buys sold thanks to the pre-fight hype.

Rampage Vs Hamill will definitely not do anything like those sort of numbers, but on this occasion it seems White is placing more value on the fans entertainment rather than purely on profits.