Dana White Outlines Ambitious Plans For The Ultimate Fighter

At last weekend’s UFC fan expo in Boston Dana White gave the keynote speech and told fans the company’s plans for their Ultimate Fighter show.

“What we’re starting to do now is we’re working on ways to get the “Ultimate Fighter” in other countries. We’re going to start getting the “Ultimate Fighter” in each of these different countries, and try to figure out, when we have the finales, the finales will be different countries coming together and everybody fights,” White revealed.

There’s still a lot of loose ends to tie up, but White believes that fans will eventually be able to keep track of the TUF shows in other countries online.

“Once we get this rolling and we get the “Ultimate Fighter” in all these different countries, technology is our friend, there’s more ways to watch this stuff. So people will be able to watch the “Ultimate Fighter” from these different countries too, online or however, but that’s our long term goal.”

Even if there is a way to watch all the other TUF show going on around the globe it’s quickly going to become impossible to keep up to date with it all.

I definitely like the idea of bringing all the different winners from the national shows into one global ‘Ultimate Fighter Finale’ event at the end of the series though. That means that fans will still remain connected to what’s happening in the other countries versions of TUF.


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