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Dana White Pays For A Fan’s $300 Speeding Ticket

Dana often gets a bad rap from the press for his outspoken behavior, but one thing you can’t say about UFC president Dana White is that he doesn’t do anything for the fans.

There’s a moment in a new two-part video with White posted by when a fan tells him that he just received a $300 speeding ticket while racing across town to meet him.  without skipping a beat White immediately dips into his own pocket and hands him the money for the fine.

Of course for a multi-millionaire like White that’s just pocket change, but it’s just a small sign of the remarkable interaction he has with the fans of the sport. You’d be hard pushed to find the head of a major company anywhere in the world that’s as readily available to his customers as White is.

It’s not the first time he’s dug into his own pocket to help others either.  Earlier in the year a story emerged that White had out-of-the-blue paid $7,500 to a UK Couple after hearing of their efforts to raise the funds needed to get their young daughter  a life-saving  operation in the U.S.   Last year it was reported he donated $100,000 to Las Vegas charity, ‘The Caring Place’.

Check out the videos below in which White talks about how he uses twitter to connect with fans on a daily basis.

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