Carlos Condit put in another stellar performance at UFC 132, doing what no one so far has been able to do – stop Dong Hyun Kim – and he did it in spectacular fashion too.

Condit’s flying knee which lead to the first round stoppage TKO victory was enough to earn him ‘Knockout Of The Night’ honors for the second fight in a row and lead to UFC president Dana White lavishing praise upon him the day after.

“@CarlosCondit still blown away by ur performance last nite!!!!!” White declared on Twitter, adding, “Gonna watch it again today.

Now on a four fight winning streak Condit has also marked himself out as arguably the most consistently entertaining and exciting contender in the division and must surely by high up the pecking order for a shot at Georges St.Pierre’s title.

“Am I ready for a title shot or what?” Condit asked rhetorically after the fight.

White stopped short of agreeing with the former WEC champion at the post-fight press conference however.

“He’s proved himself to be one of the best 170-pounders in the world,” was as much as White would say when asked about it. “It was a big win for Carlos Condit tonight.”

To be fair the likes of BJ Penn and Jon Fitch are also still vying for the top spot in the division right now, and the upcoming title fight between GSP and Nick Diaz doesn’t take place until October, so perhaps it’s a little early to be setting anything in stone.

Even Condit himself admits that the prospect of sitting on the sidelines waiting for the winner of GSP Vs Diaz doesn’t appeal.

“That’s a bit of a dilemma,” he acknowledged. “I know the timeframe may not work out for me to get the next shot. I want to fight again before the end of the year.”

Whether he gets the title shot or not let’s hope that is the case as ‘The Natural Born Killer’ is clearly a fighter on top of his game at this moment in time.