Dana White Puts Cage Potato On Blast For Posting Arianny Celeste’s Playboy Pics

Last week UFC octagon girl Arianny Celeste became one of the most popular trending topics on Google after word spread that her cover shoot for Playboy magazine was now in stores.

Popular MMA site Cage Potato, which is known for having a light-hearted view of the sport, then became the first to post the pictures, albeit crudely photoed, on their site.

MMA fans rejoiced, but one person not celebrating the discovery was Arianny who reacted angrily on twitter to her photos being leaked and said that both the UFC and Playboy’s lawyers would now be getting involved.

Later that day the site did remove the pictures, but what we didn’t know until now is what the aftermath of the situation was at Cage Potato HQ.  Luckily Ben Goldstein, founder of Cage Potato was on hand on the latest edition of ‘The Bum Rush’ podcast to detail exactly what went down.

According to Goldstein, at first it seemed like things were going relatively smoothly.  After speaking to an un-named UFC marketing manager he agreed to take the pictures down and it seemed as if legal repercussions had been avoided.

Just as the dust was settling on the matter he then received an unexpected phone call from UFC president Dana White the next day.

“What kind of scumbag are you?” White asked angrily, before opening fire with a series of insults punctuated by his trademark f-bombs.  He then closed up the conversation by saying, “I’m going to f*ck you up worse than you’ve ever been f*cked before,” and hung up.

So, not exactly the ideal first phone call to receive from arguably the most powerful man in the sport then.

Now the site is bracing itself for what the repercussions, if any, may be.

Of course it’s widely known that White has fallen out with well known sites in the past – Sherdog.com for instance, despite being the biggest MMA site worldwide, have spent much of the last few years in the wilderness with no official access to UFC events due to a feud with White.

Ex-Sherdog reporter Josh Gross is also still blacklisted from the promotion despite now working for Sports Illustrated and being recognized as one of the sports leading journalists.

As far as I understand it Cage Potato did not have media access to the UFC at this stage, though Goldstein did mention on the podcast that they had only recently been granted the opportunity to have a photographer present at their events.

The site also had a booth at the recent UFC Fan Expo in Boston and on the podcast they questioned whether they would be welcomed at future shows of that nature, or will now perhaps be blacklisted.

Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.  This was an error of judgment, but they took the pictures down and I’m sure they’ve learned now that’s it’s not wise to incur the wrath of Dana White.

It’s also safe to assume that as a result of their actions they can forget getting an invite from Hugh Hefner to party at the Playboy Mansion in this lifetime, and surely that’s punishment enough.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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