Dana White Reacts To UFC 114: Rampage Vs Evans

In his customary post-event interview with Ariel Helwani, UFC President Dana White reflected on UFC 114, and unsurprisingly the much hyped Rampage Jackson Vs Rashad Evans headline bout was still the main topic of conversation.

Here’s what Dana had to say on various topics coming out of the event.

On Evans strategy: “I don’t think anyone was shocked this was Evans gameplan.  It was the right gameplan, you know.  I thought he was going to use his speed, agility and athleticism to move in, get some quick shots, move out.  I thought he was going to stay away, get the takedowns when ever he could, and I thought Rampage was going to come forward, throwing leather hoping to catch him and knock him out.”

On Rampage’s performance: “I thought he looked good, you now, I thought he looked good.  I didn’t think he looked – everybody was talking about how tired he was –  I didn’t think he looked that exhausted.  When he did catch Rashad in that third round  he went after it and got him.  Rashad just, you know, Rashad got out man.”

Complimenting Rashad: “Rashad looked strong tonight.  He looked agile, he looked explosive.  He was ready.  I mean, all you had to do was watch the Countdown show and see the training that he was going through and you knew Rashad was going to be ready for this fight.”

Did the fight live up to the hype? “Yeah I think the fight, you know, obviously it was a huge hyped up fight and I think that the fight went exactly the way I thought it was going to go.”

On the buzz surrounding the event: “This was a huge weekend for MMA you know?  First of all, I don’t think I’ve done more PR for a fight than I did this week.  I’ve been working my ass of this week.  With the launch of the video game, this huge fight this weekend, the expo this weekend, there was just a lot of UFC going on this week and it translated.  People were buzzing about it and people were into it.”

Will Rampage’s Focus Remain On MMA : “The grass is never greener or the other side.  And make no mistake about it, this is where Rampage makes his money.”

On Rampage’s Upcoming ‘A Team’ Movie“It was a win-win for everybody.  He made a great movie, something to be proud of, and from what I hear he killed it  in this movie and did a great job.  There’s no doubt this movie is going to be the big  smash summer hit.”

Mike Russow’s Knockout Of Todd Duffee: “Holy Sh!t!  I was saying the same thing everyone said, I was blown away.”

Jason Brilz Controversial Loss To Lil Nog: “I actually had Brilz winning that fight.  I say this all the time – I’m not a judge, so it doesn’t matter what I think, my opinion means absolutely nothing.  I also think Brilz had Lil Nog hurt at the end of that second round, I think he had him on crazy legs, and Brilz didn’t go for it and try for the finish.  There was probably  20 – 25 seconds left, he should have went after it man.  I say it all the time and I’ll say it again, don’t leave it in the hands of the judges.”

On Matchmaker Joe Silva:  “I think Joe Silva is the best matchmaker in combat sports, and he caught a lot of sh!t for this match, saying ‘oh what a sh!t fight, they put Brilz in their, Brilz has no business being in this fight.  Yeah, what’s up now?  Brilz stuck it up everybody’s ass!”

On John Hathaway “Everybody talks a lot about how the English have no wrestling and all this stuff.  He proved that wrong tonight, he was defending all the takedowns, he looked phenomenal in the stand-up, and remember this kid is only 22 years old.  Tonight was like his first real big fight, wait until he gets some experience, and starts to feels like this place is his home, he’s going to be nasty.”

On Amir Sadollah: “It was just a rough night for him.”

On Ricardo Arona Wanting To Speak To Him: “I’m always interested in talking to people, and I’ll listen to what he has to say and we’ll see what happens.”

Watch Dana White’s full interview with Ariel Helwani courtesy of mmafighting.com below.

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