Yesterday we reported that BJ Penn was unhappy with the fact that the producers of his ‘Countdown To UFC 137’ preview had forced him into saying things he didn’t want to.

“They forced me to say– You gotta say Nick Diaz’s name now. You gotta say his name. … They’re like, ‘Say you’re gonna beat Nick Diaz. Say you’re gonna beat Nick Diaz'” Penn recalled on a video blog earlier this week.

Well it appears UFC president Dana White wasn’t happy with Penn’s recollection of the events and so he took it upon himself to send an uncut copy of the interview which appears to go against what the former champion had stated.

Check it out below.

In this clip Penn is heard being asked by a producer, “Ok, last question…point blank, will you defeat Nick Diaz?”

“I will defeat Nick Diaz” he replies without hesitating.

Both prior to and after the question there’s no indication that Penn is being forced to say anything in particular.

The story doesn’t end there though. A Response to White’s video has now appeared on

Written by the site’s Pedro Carrasco, the reply appears to acknowledge that Penn’s recollection of events wasn’t entirely accurate, but also continues to stir the pot by including another video from a previous interview with the UFC in which they believe that he is being forced to hype up the fight. .

“I have attached a video in response to the recent issue started by the article released on…

If you watch it, it will show the UFC interviewer specifically instigating trash talking from BJ. While BJ’s recent recount may not have been 100% accurate based on what the video released allowed you to see, our video shows them asking for specific items from BJ in hopes to hype the fight.

So forgive us for a slightly innacurate recount of events, but as you can see, we are used to the UFC making requests that instigate a fighter to say things he would not normally say and for that reason BJ is somewhat sensetive to these types of baited interviews now.”

Here’s a brief transcript of the main portion of the video in question.

“Alright, so…hype the fight…tell me you’re going to beat the sh!t out of him…” the producer says.

“Who’s the best in the business? Who’s the best in the business at hyping the fight?” Penn laughs, seemingly comfortable with what he’s being asked.

Check it out below.

Personally I think a mountain is being made out of a mole-hill here.  Surely it’s to be expected that in an interview that’s going to be used for a high profile show to promote an event that the fighters are going to be asked to help hype things up a little and say that they are going to beat up the other guy.

At the same time it doesn’t seem like the best idea of White and Penn to be bickering in public over the situation like this. The two have had a somewhat volatile relationship over the years, and this latest dispute isn’t helping matters.