Dana White Reveals New Details About ‘The Ultimate Fighter: Live’

Tonight sees the premiere of the all-new ‘Ultimate Fighter: Live’ reality show on the FX channel, and ahead of the show UFC president Dana White has been giving more details about what we can expect from the long-running show in it’s new live format.

Check out the keynotes below.

– The new season of The Ultimate Fighter will not be called ‘TUF 15’, but rather ‘TUF: Live 1’.

– Despite being previously announced, fans will not be able to vote for which fighters will fight in the eliminators each Friday night.

– Just as with the old seasons there will be no commentary during the eliminator fights even though they will now be aired live.

– Jon Anik will host the show along with Dana White. White will appear on each episode which means he’s going to be very busy indeed as he’ll often have to attend UFC events in various destinations around the world just 24 hours later.

– In the past the fighters have been locked up in the TUF house for just six weeks, but for the new format that’ll mean they are kept away from the outside world for 13 weeks.

– There was some discussion over letting the fighters have access to social media such as Facebook and Twitter, but in the end they decided against it. In essence they won’t have any access with the outside world, including phone calls.

– All editing for the show will be done on-site since they need to be able to deliver highlights packages based on what’s happened in the past week very quickly to air during the live Friday night episodes.

Check out the new ‘TUF: Live’ show for yourselves tonight with a special 2 1/2 hour episode crammed full of live elimination fights to establish who makes it into the TUF house at 9pm ET on FX.


  1. Wondering if there has been any discussion of having live feed on training sessions and such since it is live now – like Big Brother? Not the whole house but even the training and such – live on xbox would be awesome. Just a thought.

  2. That would be nice Christine. As far as I know there isn’t anything like that in place right now, although I remember seeing that you could watch the fighters training backstage online during the season premiere.


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