Dana White Says Alistair Overeem Will Keep His Job In The UFC

After suffering a first round TKO loss to Ben Rothwell at the weekend there was speculation that Alistair Overeem’s job in the UFC may be at risk, but last night UFC president Dana White confirmed that he will keep his place on the roster.

“He’s still ranked in the top 10,” White explained on the UFC Tonight show. “He’s still one of the top 10 heavyweights in the world and we’ll get him another fight.”

Overeem has now lost three of his last four fights with Antonio Silva, Travis Browne and Rothwell all have stopped him inside the distance due to strikes.

As White says he is still in the top 10, though only just as his latest defeat saw him slide three places down to No.10 on the official UFC heavyweight rankings.

Despite his slump in form and many people questioning his chin, the 34 year-old has so far shown no indication that he’s thinking about hanging up his gloves, telling his fans on Twitter after his loss to Rothwell that his spirits were still high and he was heading back to the gym to improve.

At this stage there’s no indication of Overeem will fight next or when he will return to the Octagon.


  1. Alistair is a great fighter, actually one of the best of all time, it’s only fair to let him stay in the UFC. I mean, people tend to forget what he’s done (or they don’t even know), this is the guy who defeated Mark Hunt, Fabricio Werdum, Vitor Belfort and destroyed Brock Lesnar in his debut in this company. He just had bad luck a couple of times, that’s all. And haters are gonna hate, and say that he’s done or that he should quit, well, these people don’t know what they’re talking about. This guy could easily be the champ, he would probably have beaten JDS if he had the chance originally in 2012. But then he got (unfairly may I add) suspended for a year, and of course, it’s not that easy to get back in top form, that’s why he had all these losses. Actually, you could say that the company ruined his career. He earned that title shot, and they took it away from him. So it is only a question of time before he gets back to his prime, and then you’re gonna see what you should have seen two years ago, he’ll get that belt (those of you who don’t believe it, go watch his performance in the Lesnar fight, this guy is a killing machine)

  2. ….Or maybe his lack of steroids lead to his recent failures. He thinks he is hot shit. Now he has proven to be just a doped up roid addict that is a shadow of himself without the drugs. Not to mention his glass jaw that seems to be getting worse. Is it getting worse or is he really a natural light heavyweight pretending to be a heavyweight by way of roids? Regardless of his endless weaknesses including his chin, heart, mobility as a heavyweight, cockiness, reliance on steroids, and as of recent news sportsmanship in training, he is a number 10 heavyweight in the least stacked talented division….so stop sucking him off and accept he is just another strikeforce/Pride hack who failed on the main stage (UFC). He will be off the roster by mid 2015 and good riidance. Loser.


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