UFC President Dana White made a special appearance on Versus ‘UFC Live 4’ pre-fight show this evening specifically to address the situation regarding Nate Marquardt’s failed medical and subsequent sacking from the UFC yesterday.

A day on from the incident White made it clear that he hadn’t been acting on the spur of the moment when he announced that Marquardt had been firing, and revealed that Marquardt now has a life ban from the promotion.

“He won’t fight in the UFC ever again,” an angry White stated.

While he wouldn’t say exactly what the issue was White did state that, “For me to say Nate’s not gonna fight in the UFC anymore, it’s gotta be serious.”

And White insisted that despite Marquardt having a reputation as being a nice guy outside of the Octagon, he couldn’t look past the fact that he was completely in the wrong on this occasion.

“We all make mistakes. People make mistakes. We’re human beings. It’s going to happen. It’s how you handle it. And Nate Marquardt is a nice guy. He’s a sweetheart, and he always says the right things. But being nice and acting nice and doing the right thing are two different things.”

Now the UFC President says Marquardt will have to, “man up and come out and tell the world why he didn’t pass his medicals.”

Continuing to put the former UFC Middleweight no.1 contender to the sword White said, “I’m disgusted with him…he has no business in the UFC.”

So, while we still don’t know all the details, it’s clear that this is the worst case scenario for Marquardt and he now faces a very uncertain future in the sport of mixed martial arts with his reputation in tatters and his options limited.

Watch White’s full interview below.

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  1. Good to see due process being followed. Summary lifetime ban by “the boss”, judge, jury and executioner. No information from the UFC, no process, no second side of the story, nothing. Dana pays his fighters next to nothing, while making mega millions, sacks his fighters without any explanation to the media, or opportunity for the fighter to plead his case outside of Dana’s office. He’s a fat disgrace – but as he say’s, “you guys know what I’m like, I’m a good guy, everyone makes advice blah blah, it’s gotta be serious…” No, you’re not a good guy Dana, not on the available evidence…

  2. This is ridiculous and Dana jumped to a conclusion prior to getting an opinion from a doctor. HRT is a viable treatment and should not be frowned upon. I hope Dana never finds himself with LowT as it commonly called, and need this treatment. Despite belief, it’s not easy for a man to go to the doctor and find out he has a lot testosterone count and needs to replace it. It’s the heart of a mans manhood, literally!

    Eat crow Dana, and apologize for making a hasty decision without being properly educated!