Tonight’s UFC 123 main event showdown between Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and Lyoto Machida ended in a somewhat controversial decision with Rampage just sneaking it by split decision.

After the fight Rampage looked surprised and admitted to Joe Rogan that he felt Machida deserved a rematch. With the Brazilian voicing his agreement in the octagon it looked like a second fight could be on the cards, but at the post-fight press conference Dana White had a different point of view, agreeing with the judges decision.

“I thought Rampage won rounds one and two, Machida won the third,” White said, noting that he was somewhat annoyed at Jackson acting as if he had lost and being surprised at the decision.

For his part Rampage also appeared to have had a change of heart by the time he got to the post-fight press conference. He pointed to the fact that his trainers thought he won, and Dana as well as reason enough to consider this a valid win.

“This ain’t my show homie I just fight here,” Rampage then said when asked whether he was going back on his promise to give Machida a second chance.

With that said White then confirmed that there would be no immediate rematch between the two. The UFC president didn’t confirm that Rampage would now be getting a title shot against the winner of Shogun Vs Evans either though but it’s certainly a possibility.

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  1. interesting decision, I would say from a business stand point would be best decision because honestly it would be hard to sell a rematch when it was a boring and second both are still top names it would be better to let them both get back to their feet and get a win under them again to keep them on top of food chain. Also because their are big names best to keep them seperate to sell more shows instead of stacking it on one card which imo it was not a stacked at all other than main events not eventful. Though some good undercard fights. I think machida should face winner of either jones/bader or forest/rich just because all have potential to make it to title or at least put him back in their, 2 losses in a row doesn’t really help.

  2. Yes, interesting decision as you say. Dana was quite passionate when stating that Rampage won the fight, but really I think he’s got his business cap on here.

    I think the winner of Franklin / Griffin would be perfect for him now, but at some stage in the future I do feel a Machida rematch is warranted as it was very close.

  3. C’mon! This is bullsh*t! Machida deserves to win! This decision is ridiculous, Dana White wants a fight of Shogun vs Rampage, only because that he doesn’t accept the rematch. Serious, i am a great fan of Machida, but everybody saw that he won the first and the third round, at least was drawn on first round. I’ m very disappointed with the sport, Dana White put his wishes over the fight! Machida was victory! This is fact!

  4. Clear win for Machida. This sport is becoming more and more about entertainment, rather than the art of martial arts. Machida is still number one in my eyes.