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Dana White Set To Continue His UFC Vlogs

For many fans UFC president Dana White’s daily YouTube vlogs on the week of major UFC events had become essential viewing.  Featuring a blend of behind the scenes footage and backstage banter between White, his staff and the UFC fighters,  the videos also gave fans an insight into the hectic globe-trotting schedule of one of the sports hardest working and most engaging figures.

The video diaries have not been without controversy however with his full mouthed rant at the expense of a female reporter back in April bringing a media backlash that seemed to convince White that it was time to stop the video diaries.

After fans protested White reconsidered and had published several more vlogs before surprising many by announcing after UFC 101 that he was pulling the plug on them altogether, with the previous entries being removed from the YouTube site.  Though some explanations for the decision were given many feel that the real reason for the sudden change of heart has never been made public.

Some two months later Cindy O, an employee who has spoken on behalf of Dana White in the past, revealed on the UG forum that White is now set to pick up where he left off stating that, “Folks miss them so he’s going to start doing them again.”

If you can’t wait until the new vlogs start the week before UFC 104 then your in luck as White has been busy giving interviews this week to variety of sources. Firstly, as we posted on Tuesday, he was on the set of CNBC’s business focused ‘Liquid Lunch’ to talk about the rapid growth of the UFC.  

Since then he has also given a typically outspoken interview on the Opie And Anthony show stating his dislike for Howard Stern, an excerpt of which can be viewed below:

Meanwhile he’s given an unusually subdued video interview with, and another with ULTMMA where he reveals that “I hope Buck (Brett) Rogers doesn’t knock him (Fedor) out because I want Fedor in the UFC.” You can view the full video below:

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