Following today’s UFC 119 pre-fight press conference Dana White talked to reporters about the chael Sonnen situation.

– White says he still likes Sonnen and in his dealings with him he’s been a “stand-up good guy.” Says he judges people not by their mistake, but by how they react to their mistake.

– He points to new Strikeforce signing Josh Barnett as someone who’s actions haven’t earned respect after he tested positive multiple times for steroids and yet continues to deny that he took them. He added that Barnett will never be allowed to join the UFC due to his actions.

– He says despite his status as the UFC’s president he doesn’t hold any sway with the athletic commission.

– White says he doesn’t believe in kicking people when they are down, and says being suspended for a year and fined is punishment enough.

– Though hesitant to make any definitive statements on the matter White admitted that Sonnen may not get an immediate title shot when he returns, pointing out that the landscape changes a lot in a year and he may have missed his opportunity.

Watch video of White’s conversation below courtesy of MMAWeekly.