A new pre-UFC 130 interview with Dana White for ‘Fight Week‘ reveals a number of interesting insights into the UFC president’s feelings on some of the big topics of the moment, including the possibility of Nick Diaz Vs GSP becoming a reality, and the future of Chael Sonnen.

Read below for the key soundbites.

On GSP Vs Diaz fighting, and potentially coaching TUF season 14:

“That fight is not a done deal and I guarantee you that those two will not be coaches, not even close. All this stuff that’s out there about that fight and the meeting that we had here is all bullsh*t.”

White also denied that GSP Vs Diaz would fight at UFC 140 in December.

On Strikeforce’s long term future

“We want to continue to put on fights with Strikeforce. The question is, can we make it work? It has to make business sense. It didn’t make business sense for the old owners, we have to make sense of it.”

On Anthony Pettis status as the next No.1 contender at lightweight:

“Absolutely, no he’s definitely in line and the thing is for a guy like Pettis and I say this about guys all the time – bad things happen every day and people fall out and lots of things happen, but you have to stay active, you have to keep fighting. That kid jumped right in and took a tough fight against [Clay] Guida. It’s what you’ve got to do.”

On Chael Sonnen’s recent upheld suspension in California:

“I’m pretty bummed out about the Chael Sonnen thing and the way that the whole thing was handled. You know, this guy… I don’t know if there’s ever been a penalty laid down, I mean Tyson, I think when Tyson bit the ear, Tyson got a year. Um… it’s pretty crazy.”

On Sonnen’s statement that Dana had claimed he’d be ‘effectively retired’ if he was suspended:

“Listen, it’s not that he’d have to retire, but right now was his opportunity. This kid had the opportunity to coach The Ultimate Fighter, he had the opportunity to get a big fight set up, should he win that fight… everybody knows what happened with Anderson Silva, this was a key moment in this kid’s career and me, personally, you know, you’ve heard me say it for the last almost 11 years, we always support whatever the athletic commission says. This kid got it stuck to him, man. He paid his dues in every way shape and forum and I think he’s been treated a bit unfairly.”

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