Dana White Talks MMA Vs Boxing On ESPN Radio

Dana White was on ESPN radio yesterday to discuss the current state of boxing and how it compares to the rapid growth of MMA, and in particular the UFC.

Here’s a few of the more interesting notes from the discussion.

White states that he believes boxing is going to “go away” and points to the grassroots level of the sport as one of it’s current weak points.

“One of the biggest problems right now is the amateur level, you know, there’s no real amateurs.  Let me tell you what, you think about the glory days of boxing. You think there’d be champions in Europe and all this stuff?  No way, the United States and Mexico dominated boxing – dominated it for years.  And now you don’t see, you know, not only do you not see anybody, you don’t hear about anybody.”

White is keen to stress that his own roots are in boxing and that he is still a fan of the sport, but that he has no confidence in the people who are currently running it.

“I don’t wish [boxing] any ill-will.  It’s not because the sport isn’t good or anything like that, it’s just that’s it’s so fragmented, and so many bad things have happened.  Nobody is going to stick their hand in their own pocket and spend their own money to save the sport of boxing, nobody is going to do it.”

Dana also points to the fact that big boxing fights are also solely on pay-per-view as a reason that the fan base is shrinking.

“Once everything went to a pay model, boxing stopped giving you good fights for free.  As soon as that model ended your market starts to shrink when your only on pay-per-view.

“Before this Mayweather – Pacquiao fight happens…lets’s say a miracle happens and they get this thing done this week – the fight will probably be sometime in November, right?  I’ll have done ten fights, and, I don’t know, maybe out of the ten fights, four of them will be on free TV.”

Listen to White’s full interview via the link below.

Dana White On ESPN Radio


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