Dana White: There’s A Chance Brock Lesnar may Never Fight Again

After Saturday nights UFC 105 event Dana White broke the news that Brock Lesnar was suffering from a serious health issue that went beyond the original diagnosis of Glandular Fever that had postponed his upcoming title fight with Shane Carwin.

On Sunday members of Lesnar’s camp looked to play down the rumors that have spread regarding his health and have stated that his condition was not life-threatening.

A day later TMZ are now reporting that Dana White is still of the belief that his condition remains serious and that he is “very, very sick” and will likely require major surgery.

Dana White has been cagey over revealing what specifically is wrong with Lesnar, but the site is reporting that it may be some kind of intestinal disorder.

White has also warned that the problem is serious enough that it may effect his future career.

“There’s a possibility Lesnar will never fight again,” he told TMZ.


Later on Monday Dana White spoke to USA Today with the latest on the situation.

They report that Lesnar is recovering in hospital from a bacterial infection in his intestinal tract.

“He’s stable and should be released soon,” White said.

As to whether he would fight again, White remained unsure, saying, “It depends on how serious this is.”

A further update from wcco.com cited an unnamed source who claimed that Lesnar is suffering from Diverticulitis.


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