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Dana White, Tito Ortiz And Jenna Jameson Feud Online

Dana White and Tito Ortiz have had a volatile relationship over the years, and after a period of relative calm it seems that the two are headed for choppy waters once again, and this time Ortiz’ partner Jenna Jameson is along for the ride.

The latest rift between the two stems from a recent video ‘spoof’ released by the UFC featuring Ortiz’ arch-enemy Chuck Liddell who recently retired and took up a position as an executive of the UFC.

In the tongue-in-cheek video, which is ‘presented by Dana White’, Liddell is seen pretending to answer a phone call from Ortiz, and at one point states, “It ain’t happening Tito, no-one likes you,” and then hangs up.

Apparently Ortiz wasn’t too pleased about his unexpected cameo and posted a slightly disgruntled message about it on Twitter.

“Funny video by @danawhite but horrible acting by @chuckliddell. Nice to see to I’m still relevant to them and the @ufc.”

White was quick to respond, and denied it was a deliberate pot-shot at the former light-heavyweight champion.

“bro u r the last guy on earth that should be raggin on peoples acting skills. And the video was meant to play up the shit between u and chuck it was not a dig toward u at all. “

That could have been an end to the matter, but then Ortiz’ other half, former porn-star Jenna Jameson decided to take a swipe at the UFC president.

“your the last guy in the world that should be ragging on Tito not being liked. Um, you pay him a fortune.”

And she wasn’t quite finished defending her man yet…

“backpeddling on rude video dissing Tito as a legend of the sport. IS Dana ever gonna give tito a break? That would be refreshing!”

Never one to back down from a war of words, White then fired back at the outspoken couple.

“@jennajameson hey jenna SHUT THE FUCK UP and mind ur biz! @titoortiz put her on a fuckin leash!!!”

The situation hasn’t reached boiling point just yet, but even as it stands it’s a bit of an eyesore that all three parties could do without.

That’s especially true for Ortiz in particular who’s barely hanging on to his place in the UFC roster as it is.

His next fight is against Ryan Bader at UFC 132 on July 2nd, and he’s already been informed that this is a ‘do or die’ scenario has far as his long run in the sports leading promotion goes.

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