After the conclusion of last night’s TUF 14 Finale in Las Vegas UFC President Dana White talked to Ariel Helwani about the event’s big talking points.

Check out keynotes from their conversation below and scroll down to watch the video courtesy of MMAFighting.

– Dana White is very critical of ‘Mayhem’ Miller’s performance in the main event. He believes it was one of the most one sided fights he’s ever seen in the UFC, and unlike many other’s watching he doesn’t even give the TUF coach credit for winning the first round.

“I wouldn’t give a guy a round for sitting in a quarter mount and not doing any damage,” he said and went on to claim that Bisping did more damage in that opening five minutes.

White expected a closer fight, but did think that Bisping would have the edge as he has more experience fighting the best fighters in the world due to his long stint in the UFC.

– Reflecting on how quickly Mayhem tired out in the bout White said it was possible that being back in the UFC for the first time in a long time had got to him and noted that even during his walk-in he was taking deep breaths.

He goes on to say that it was a good stoppage by the referee in the third round as Mayhem was simply becoming a punching bag, not able to defend himself and not fighting back either.

– Commenting on Bisping’s relationship with the fans he says that the UK fighter’s personality is always going to lead to some people liking him and some hating him.

– White felt that both Bisping and Mayhem put on a great season of TUF and were great coaches too.

– The UFC president shrugs off Bisping’s antics after the weigh-ins on Friday when he flipped off the crowd and swore at them. He says that even he himself avoids talking to the fighters on weigh-in day as much as possible as they are generally in a bad mood after having been in training camp for so long and having to cut weight, etc.

“If Michael Bisping doesn’t want any fans that’s up to him,” he chuckles.

– Interestingly, White claims there will be ‘three headline fights’ on the ‘UFC On FOX 2’ fight card, and while he won’t say it out loud he appears to hint that it could involve Bisping.

– White stresses that he was impressed by all four TUF fighters who fought in the finals last night and believes that this season has unearthed some really good new talent. In the two winners John Dodson and Diego Brandao he believes he’s found a couple of new stars.

– A 125lb flyweight division seems to make more and more sense given the talent levels the UFC has in the lower weight classes right now, but White won’t say exactly when it will arrive, simply saying, “soon.”

– Dana believes Tony Ferguson did deserve to win against Yves Edwards, and thought it was a good fight.

He didn’t however agree with referee Steve Mazaghatti’s decision to let Louis Gaudinot keep fighting as long as he did despite the fact he was taking constant punishment from Johnny Bedford.

“Mazaghatti is one of these guys that I don’t think has ever taken a punch in his life and must not know what it feels like,” going on to add that he doesn’t know how the official continues to get work.

– White doesn’t deny that it’s been an awkward end to their deal with Spike TV, saying that “things have pretty much shut down”, and “this is the way deals end I guess.”

He doesn’t appear to have any regrets though and says he’s now looking forward to moving to FOX in 2012 and “all the new challenges and things that we’re going to be building and doing over there.”

– Going back to the UFC On FOX card, White says they booked Evans Vs Davis and Sonnen Vs Munoz because they are “great fights and they were available.”

He also said that Anderson Silva wasn’t available due to injury and Sonnen didn’t want to wait. Munoz was also “pumped” to have the opportunity to fight Sonnen and potentially get into the No.1 contenders spot with a victory.