Dana White UFC 116 Blog: Day 1

Consider that UFC 116 could turn out to be the biggest MMA event of the year I was surprised that Dana White waited until Wednesday to put out his first video blog for the show.

He reveals the reason why at the beginning of the blog – on Monday he was in meetings all day, and yesterday he was in court though he doesn’t say what for.

What that means is that today’s blog is just a collection of various things that have happened over the past couple of weeks rather than anything focusing on the actual event itself.

Check it out below.


  1. Ok, so i just wanna say that i think Carwin got screwed out of that fight. Take a look at the Bonnar vs Soszynski fight, once Soszynski got hit with that knee and basically went into the fetal positon and Bonnar threw a few shots at him the ref called it. But when Carwin knocked Lesnar down and Lesnar pretty much got into the fetal position Carwin was going off on him for at least a minute without Brock doing anything and the ref didnt call it. A win is a win but im just stating my opinion. he probably didnt call it cause it was the main event but it should of been fair. Congrats though to Brock.

  2. I really think it depends on the referee, though I suspect that in general champions are probably given a little more time to fight out of a bad position than other fighters.

    From my point of view I thought it could easily have been stopped, but I’m glad it didn’t. If at the end of the first round Lesnar had staggered back to his corner and was clearly in a bad way then that would have been an indication that the fight should have been stopped. He seemed battered but not beaten though, and the fact that he came out the stronger man in the second round and earned the victory shows that the referee made the right call.

    It was definitely a pivotal moment though and I can see why others may think differently.


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