Dana White wasn’t present at the UFC 125 post-fight press conference but MMAfighting’s Ariel Helwani went above and beyond the call of duty to track him down later in the evening at a restaurant in Las Vegas to get his thoughts on the show.

See below for the full interview and keynotes from it.

–  The reason Dana wasn’t at the post-fight presser was that he had left to celebrate Lorenzo Fertitta’s birthday.

–  Dana says he agreed with the judges decision that Frankie Edgar Vs Gray Maynard should be a draw.

–  “A lot of people have doubted Frankie Edgar, even after beating BJ Penn twice and all the things that have happened.  To overcome the first round that he overcame and to get back into that fight…for it to even be considered a draw, this kid is amazing and he did a great job tonight.”

–  “A couple of fights back I said Gray Maynard wasn’t ready for the title.  Gray Maynard proved tonight that he is ready and put on what’s going to be considered ‘Fight Of The Year’ for the rest of the year.”

–  “If the fight had been stopped in the first round I don’t think anyone could have complained.”

–  Dana confirms that despite originally announcing post-fight that Anthony Pettis would get the next title shot, that he’s changed his mind and Maynard will get a second chance instead.  “You can’t not give Gray Maynard this fight.  You’ve got to give this kid the immediate rematch,” he says.

–  White admits he’s not sure what comes next for Pettis due to this decision, but that he’ll figure it out.

–  The UFC president says it’s difficult to make immediate decisions on who should fight who next, though he confesses that on this occasion, “it should have been a no-brainer,” that Maynard was given the rematch.

–  Dana describes fans who had been complaining about the Edgar Vs Maynard match-up at UFC 125 before the fight began as, “morons.”

–  “It was a great night of fights.  Everyone delivered, everyone did what was expected of them, I’m really happy with all tonight’s performances.”

–  White says that it is possible that the UFC’s prelim show on Ion Television could happen again, though Spike TV will still air a number of them as well.