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Dana White UFC 126 Post-Fight Interview

In the aftermath of a major night of mixed martial arts at UFC 126 in Las Vegas, an elated Dana White took time to speak to Ariel Helwani about the major talking points resulting from the event.

Check out what he had to say below, or scroll down to watch the video.

On the cautious start to Silva Vs Belfort:

“I get nervous, I get ulcers watching this stuff!”

On Silva’s Front Kick KO:

“Video game – that’s the only place I’ve ever seen something like that. He’s the greatest fighter in the world. I mean the guy is so incredibly talented, and when he lets it go stuff like this happens.”

On his feelings about Silva:

“It always sounds like I’m nit-picking at the guy, but I’m not. I just…I love how talented this guy is and what he’s capable of, and I just want so bad to see this guy just go out and do what he can do.”

On Belfort’s performance:

“Well it didn’t last long so you didn’t really get to see anything from Vitor. Here’s my criticism for Vitor. Statistically, 85% of Vitor’s fights are finished in the first four minutes. I thought Vitor should have come right out and jumped on Anderson Silva. Jumped on him and got right in his face and tried to land punches and make a war out of it right from the beginning.”

On the potential Silva Vs GSP Match-up:

Dana points out that this fight is not official yet, as GSP still has to defeat Jake Shields first, and that won’t be an easy task. “Don’t count Jake Shields out until he’s out.”

On whether GSP has agreed to the fight or not:

“I think he knows this is going to happen and he’s ready for it.”

On the unexpected Jon Jones Vs ‘Shogun’ Rua title fight announcement:

“We literally made this fight down by the Octagon. I found out like this afternoon at about 2 O’ Clock that Rashad [Evans] was out.”

On the public’s reaction to the title fight being announced:

“When we announced that fight people went nuts. As soon as it was announced in the Octagon tonight one of my girls who works for me texted me and said, ‘Ticketmaster is going nuts right now.’ People are buying tickets like crazy.”

On Evans Injury:

“He has a sprained ligament in his knee. It looks like, they put a real good brace on it, it looks like he’s not going to need surgery, but he’s going to have to rest it for like eight weeks.

On Jones readiness to take a title shot:

“Listen, the guy’s proved himself over, and over, and over again. I mean he’s taken everybody out. Every challenge that’s been put in front of him, he’s finished. Is he still just a young guy, 23 years old? Yeah, he is, but he’s so talented. He’s so talented and even tonight in such a big fight. I’m sure he was nervous, and all those things, but he was so calm and cool, and he did walk through Bader.”

On the Griffin Vs Franklin fight:

“[Griffin] won all three rounds against Rich Franklin. Rich Franklin is a tough, tough guy. I mean, not only can he knock you out at any time, but he’s great on the ground, he’s a busy guy. The only criticism I have about that fight is that I was listening to the audio, and Rich Franklin’s corner was telling him he was winning the fight. That’s f*ckin’ crazy.”

On Miguel Torres Performance:

“I thought Miguel Torres fought an awesome fight tonight. I mean the kid is fighting a guy this tall, what are you going to do? Run in there and bang with this kid? No, you stand right on the outside and pick him apart. He hit him with beautiful jabs, big right hands, and he was busting him up the entire fight.”

On Antonio Banuelos tactical error:

“Antonio stayed on the outside of the jab, never worked his way in, literally stood on the outside and then, 10 seconds left in the third round he closed the distance and got inside. Antonio needed to do that in the first round, and if he didn’t he should have done it in the second, not wait until there was 10 second left in the third round.”

Watch the full video interview courtesy of MMAFighting below.

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