Dana White UFC 129 Post-Fight Interview

Following a momentous night for the UFC, Dana White was understandably exhausted, but that didn’t stop him from taking time out in the aftermath of the event to talk to Ariel Helwani.

Check out the keynotes of their conversation below and scroll down to watch the video for yourselves courtesy of MMAfighting.

– With regards to GSP’s performance, White says he felt he won in a dominant fashion even with something wrong with his eye.

As far as criticism goes White was puzzled by the champion’s decision to continually throw a somewhat wild overhand right throughout the fight rather than go for his usual straight-right.

White appeared reluctant to criticize GSP for his failure to finish the fight and perceived lack of killer instinct, saying that he’s fighting the best in the world and is still winning.

– As for Jake Shields, White admits he wasn’t sure what his gameplan was.

– Is there any big fights left for GSP at 170lbs? White mentions Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz despite him currently being signed to a Showtime contract.

“Can I make that fight? – I dunno, we’ll see what happens,” he said.

– White confirms he’ll be traveling to Stockton this week to talk to Diaz about what comes next for him, and whether he’s going to get his wish to have a boxing bout next.

– White agrees that it’s now the right time for Randy Couture to retire. He then pays tribute to the hall-of-famer, saying that he’s had “an awesome career” and is “an incredible human being.”

– The UFC president claims Steven Seagal grabbed him after Machida’s remarkable jumping front kick and said, “I told him to do that, we worked on that, and it worked.”

– Dana was full of praise for the referee who allowed Mark Hominick to continue fighting despite an extremely large hematoma on his forehead. White points to how thorough the doctor was during his examination of the wound and says, “he did a fantastic job.”

He goes on to say that a hematoma looks freaky, but it’s essentially a cosmetic injury.

– Reflecting on the magnitude of the show, White says that he’s been having goosebumps for four days while working on the event and describes it as, “a huge milestone for us.”

He says his biggest concern was whether they could pull off what they do in a 15,000 seater arena in a 55,000 stadium, and he thinks that they did.

To end he confirms that this is the highlight of his career – “without a doubt.”

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