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Dana White UFC 130 Post-Fight Interview

As always Ariel Helwani was on hand to get an interview with UFC president Dana White following UFC 130 last night.

Read the notes from their conversation below, or scroll down to watch the video for yourselves.

– As the interview begins Dana White admits that he has lost weight – 22lbs to be exact.

– White says he can understand why people were booing Rampage after his win.

“People did have expectations for Rampage tonight and expected him to go and knock Hamill out, and I think a Rampage that has been active and was in shape could do that.”

– Regardless of his performance tonight White insists that Rampage is still one of the best 205lb’ers in the world. whether that means he gets the next title shot or not depends on the extent of the damage to his apparently fractured hand. White says he won’t let him fight if there’s problems with them.

If Rampage isn’t going to be ready in time then White confirms it will be Machida who takes his place.

– White states his disappointment in both Frank Mir and Shane Carwin in the co-main event.

“I thought Big Country looked terrible tonight,” was his frank assessment of the TUF 10 winner. He feels that though people talk about how good it’d be to see the overweight fighter make 205lbs, White suggest, “How about 240? Let’s make 240 Roy, you know? The fat thing was funny for a while – it’s not funny any more.”

White was also criticial of Mir’s conditioning as well though, despite admitting that he does look good physically at 260lbs.

– On to a few positives, and White says he thought Rick Story “looked awesome tonight. Really happy with his performance,” and he was impressed with his resiliancy after taking a big knee from Thiago Alves in the third round.

White claims that Alves blew his chance to win though by not pressing Story hard enough after clearly hurting him with that big knee.

– Dana agreed with the judges that Demetrious Johnson won his fight with Miguel Torres, but he admits it was “a close, technical, good fight.”

– The UFC president goes on to confirm what he stated at the beginning of the UFC 130 PPV, that Brock Lesnar had an operation to remove 12 inches of his colon on Friday.

“It was very successful, he feels good. He’s sore and everything else. He’s going to be on a liquid diet for a while so he’ll lose a lot of weight, but, if everything goes good everyone’s optimistic he could be back by the beginning of the year.”

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