Following yesterday’s UFC 130 pre-fight press conference Dana White spoke to Ariel Helwani about the big talking points leading into the event.

– White says that Rampage can be difficult to deal with at times. “He’s either hot or cold, you don’t know what you’re going to get when you talk to him,” adding that it’s hard to tell whether he’s joking or serious some of the time.

– The UFC president has no problem with Rampage stating that he wants to retire at 35, and feels that it’s sensible to plan out goals and targets like that.

While he’s still fighting White plans to keep the former champion busy, but doesn’t want to look beyond his current fight with Matt Hamill yet since that is a tough match-up.

– White states that he’s, “not a big fan” of the way Chael Sonnen’s situation has been handled by the California State Athletic Commission. As far as he is concerned Sonnen has served his sentence and should now be allowed to get back to fighting, so he feels the recent upheld suspension by CSAC is unfair and unjust.

Regarding Sonnen’s reapplication for a license in June, a baffled White admits he has “no clue” whether it will be accepted or not.

Despite appearing to be on Sonnen’s side he doesn’t let him completely of the hook, admitting that he, “says a lot of dumb sh!t”.

– Regarding the potential GSP Vs Nick Diaz fight, White reveals he honestly doesn’t no whether it will happen or not. He does confirm that he had a meeting with Diaz last week, but he claims the main thrust of the conversation was convincing the Strikeforce champ not to move to boxing, something he feels went well.

White says a lot of what has been said about the fight and possible dates for it such as in December is not true.

– Onto Brock Lesnar’s condition, and White notes that the former heavyweight champion will see a doctor today to assess his options and says he is in good spirits and that he may be back sooner than we think – perhaps by the turn of the year.

– Finally he says that he’s feeling positive about the possibility of MMA now being legalized in New York after the Senate passed the bill, but there’s still room for caution given the fact that it still has to pass through the assembly. White says that the real reason they are having so much difficulty getting the sport legalized there is down to a certain union there that has issues with Zuffa’s owners, The Fertitta brothers.

Watch the full interview for yourselves below.