As always Dana White had plenty to say for himself in his UFC 131 post-fight interview with MMAfighting’s Ariel Helwani.

Below you’ll find the keynotes from their conversation an scroll down to watch the interview for yourselves.

– Dana White praises referee Herb Dean for his officiating throughout the course of the evening, stating that he’s “the better referee ever in the business.”

White points to Dean’s decision not to stop the Dos Santos Vs Carwin fight in the first round, and the way he handled a late break in the action in Nick Ring’s preliminary fight as strong decisions that the veteran ref made.

– Dana has “nothing but respect for Shane Carwin for the performance be put on tonight.”

– White was interested and a little surprised that Dos Santos has now been installed as a slight favorite to beat Cain Velasquez when they fight for the title.

Praising Velasquez’ well rounded skills and off-the-charts cardio he goes on to say, “I don’t know how you make him the underdog.”

– White says the Velasquez Vs Dos Santos fight will take place sometime in the next fight months, but they can’t be sure exactly when as the champions recovery from shoulder surgery is taking longer than they had originally expected.

“I thought he looked great tonight,” was White’s opinion of Kenny Florian’s 145lb debut.

White is still not confirming 100% that Florian is the next title contender for Jose Aldo, with Chad Mendes also being in the mix. “Nothing is definitive” White states.

– The UFC president describes the judging this evening as “horrendous,” and says they are “hurting the fighters” with their poor scoring of bouts as it “screws up there records, screws up your money, your legacy – everything.”

He goes on to add that the judges don’t have any excuses any more since the UFC have now ensured that they all get a screen to watch the action from so that they don’t miss anything important.

White was particularly angry about the fact that Michihiro Omigawa was judged to have lost his fight unanimously and says that the UFC will pay the Japanese star his money and treat him as if he won the fight.

– Boxing promoters Gary Shaw and Bob Arum recently hinted that the UFC could get in to trouble regarding anti-trust laws for buying up Strikeforce.

White said he was glad that had been brought up and went on to launch a verbal tirade on both men, calling Shaw “a moron” and says Arum is a crybaby who missed the boat with the MMA industry as he “wasn’t smart enough to do this.” He also states his belief that both men are criticizing the UFC publicly, but then going off and copying their ideas.

“We’re the best at what we do, we’ve changed the fight business forever, we’ve revolutionized it.”

The UFC president does appear to gloss over a question regarding whether the government have approched them at all about the anti-trust issue.

– At the end of the interview an interesting parrallel is drawn between Chael Sonnen’s recent outside the cage troubles which led to his license being suspended and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr who’s expected to return later in the year despite being in trouble with the law several times in the past year.

“What how fast they give Mayweather a license,” White says, hinting that there are double standards at the regularity bodies who oversee both sports.