Dana White UFC 136 Video Blog: Day 1

Dana White has just released his first video blog for UFC 136, and as is now becoming standard practice it features behind-the-scenes footage from one of the last major events UFC 135.

Once again it makes for great viewing, giving fans the opportunity to see how the fighters were backstage after their fights. Particularly interesting to see was the comradery between the fighters, such as Tony Ferguson checking up on Aaron Riley after breaking his jaw, and Josh Koscheck giving Matt Hughes respect for getting the better of him in the striking early in their bout.

Perhaps the most interesting section happens near the end when we get to see Rampage in obvious pain as a doctor applies injections to a nasty cut above his eye while Dana White stands in the background talking to him about the fight. During their conversation White appears to agree to his request to fight for the UFC in Japan in February, and Rampage acknowledges that Jon Jones did rock him at one stage during the fight.

Check out the full video below.


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