It’s time for the highlights from Dana White’s latest pre-fight interview with Ariel Helwani prior to tomorrow night’s UFC 141: Lesnar Vs Overeem event in Las Vegas.

See below for the keynotes and scroll down to watch the video for yourselves courtesy of MMAfighting.

– Dana met with Miguel Torres yesterday for the first time since he fired him for posting an inappropriate joke about rape on Twitter. The UFC president was impressed by what Torres had done to make amends for his actions – visiting five rape crisis centers in Chicago and donating money to all of them, as well as taking rape sensitivity classes. As such White decided to give Torres a second chance in the promotion and he’s now officially back in the promotion.

White has a message for those who criticized the fact that he cut Torres in the first place, and those who’ll complain about him being brought back again – “I don’t give a sh!t what anybody thinks.”

– White is sticking to his guns about a comment made before Alistair Overeem joined the UFC that he wasn’t a top 10 heavyweight. He still feels that the only way the former Strikeforce and K-1 champion can prove himself is to fight the best the UFC has to offer, and that’ll begin on Friday night.

– Frank Mir was waiting in the sidelines if Alistair Overeem hadn’t passed his pre-fight drugs test. white credits Mir for always been willing to take a fight when asked in the ten years that he’s been dealing with him.

– The UFC president is convinced that Brock Lesnar is healthy and is feeling better than he has done in some time after two battles with Diverticulitis. He doesn’t think the former champ has turned over a new leaf personality wise though – he’s still as difficult to deal with as ever 99% of the time!

– White was caught off-guard by Nate Diaz knocking off Donald Cerrone’s hat and shoving him yesterday at the pre-fight presser as the two men had just finished telling reporters that the bad blood between them was being overstated.

He confirms that it was Cerrone who started it when he told Diaz during their staredown that he was going to kick his ass which prompted the angry reaction.

– Despite being 0-2 against Ben Henderson in the WEC, Dana White would still leave the door open for Donald Cerrone to have a third fight with him in the UFC if they both win their next fights.

– White points out that though the Diaz brothers get tarred with the ‘bad boy’ brush, Donald Cerrone is also no angel and is “as game as they come.”

– Jon Fitch has stated that he’s concerned the UFC is becoming like the WWE due to the fact that the fighters who talk the loudest are getting title shots. White dismisses that believing that Fitch is referencing Chael Sonnen, pointing out that Sonnen backs up everything he says in the cage.

White says Fitch is still in the mix at 170lbs but there is a big problem with the fact that the wrestler fighting with what many perceive to be a boring style that the fans don’t want to see.

– According to White former TUF winner Efrain Escudero won his way back into the UFC due to his good performances in the smaller shows. He’s gone 5-1 since leaving the promotion.

– Dana says he’ll do all he can to remind fans that UFC 141 is on Friday night, not Saturday, including posting a full page ad in USA Today and having lesnar and Overeem do the media rounds at ESPN.

– White can see no reason why the commission won’t now confirm that Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig does has the fastest KO in UFC history after the UFC went back and timed it using computer technology, and if they do choose to ignore it then he finds that “disgusting.”