Following last night’s UFC 143 event in Las Vegas Dana White talked to Ariel Helwani on the Fuel TV post-fight show about the evening’s big talking points.

Check out what he had to say below and scroll down to watch the interview for yourselves.

– Dana scored the main event 48-47 to Condit, giving the first two rounds to Diaz and the last three to the new interim 170lb champ.

– He wasn’t surprised by Condit winning, but he didn’t expect him to fight so technically, rather having forseen that they would go toe-to-toe.

– Dana likes the fact that Diaz is able to get opponent’s to fight his fight by taunting them, and last night he felt it was working on a couple of occasions, but for the most part Condit stuck rigidly to his gameplan.

– The UFC president feels Diaz is still in his prime and was emotionaal after the fight and therefore after having time to reflect upon it he believe’s he’ll reconsider his post-fight decision to retire.

– Since Condit didn’t take any major damage in the fight it is possible that he could fight again before facing GSP, but while he personally thinks it’s a good thing, in the end it’s up to the fighter to decide what he wants to do.

– Dana was impressed with Fabrico Werdum looked awesome, particularly with his knees, and at the same time he’s now convinced that after all the shots he absorbed during the fight that Roy Nelson has “probably the best chin in all of MMA.”

Nelson also earned his respect for losing weight prior to the fight, nut he hates his mullet and beard.

– In the very close Koscheck Vs Pierce fight White was leaning more toward Pierce having won it.

– As for what comes next for Koscheck – White would like to match him up with Nick Diaz if they can get him back out of retirement.

– White was surprised by the ruling that left Alex Caceres being deducted two points and felt he was hard done by given that it was just a three round fight.