For a change Dana White wasn’t doing individual interview’s following yesterday’s UFC 143 pre-fight presser, but he did sit down for a free-for-all media scrum and we’ve got the highlights from it for you below courtesy of MMAfighting.

– White admits GSP being out injured hurts the company, but at the same time they have to build new stars and a fight like Diaz Vs Condit allows them to do that.

– He shrugs off the idea that the fights put on UFC On FOX 2 were destined to be underwhelming, pointing out that people were excited for them prior to the show, particularly after the last minute changes, and only criticized them in hindsight.

– White does admit that they still have to nail the FOX shows, but rather than worrying about the actual fights he’s more concerned about the overall production including how many fights they can fit onto a broadcast, and how much talking there should be in-between bouts.

– Apparently Fuel TV are about to release a statement celebrating how successful the UFC content has already been for them despite only having been running for 30 days so far.

– Dana doesn’t seem overly concerned about heavyweight No.1 contender Alistair Overeem’s recent battery charge against a women he encountered at a Vegas night club, indicating it wasn’t a big deal. He still plans on having Overeem fight JDS for the title next.

– The UFC president was glad that the FTC has finally closed their investigation into whether Zuffa are running a monopoly describing it as a “strange experience” and says that those who claimed they were running a monopoly can now “shut the hell up.”

– White is fascinated by Nick Diaz’s “don’t care what you think” personality. He also reveals that Diaz missed three flights this week to get to Las Vegas for the fight and we’ll see more about that on the Primetime episode this week. He never doubted that he would make it though as Diaz always shows up to fight. He also points out that the Diaz brothers never get into trouble outside of the UFC so they aren’t as bad as people make them out to be.

– GSP has never been in a situation where he genuinely hated someone like he does with Diaz according to White.

– Dana wants to get his hands on Strikeforce and if given the opportunity by Showtime he will “dive into this thing and make it right.” He hasn’t met with Showtime yet to discuss this though.

– He confirms that the Gladiator intro to the UFC PPV shows is now history. They tried to get the actor who played the Gladiator for a viral video but couldn’t find him. Dana jokes that he’s probably fat and out-of-shape nowadays.