Following last night’s UFC 147 event in Brazil, Dana White spoke to Fuel TV’s Karyn Bryant about the night’s big talking points and more.

Check out the keynotes from their conversation below and scroll down to watch the full video for yourselves.

– Dana was happy with the main event, saying Rich Franklin and Wanderlei Silva are two warriors.

– He thinks the referee was right not to stop the fight in the second round when Silva had Franklin in real danger of being finished, but he is critical of the judges for not scoring that round 10-8 in Silva’s favor.

He admits that little things like that from both UFC 147 and the previous night’s UFC on FX 4 event have left him in a bad mood.

– White hopes that in the future more fighters become referees and judges which he thinks will help improve the overall quality of that side of the sport.

– Dana’s undecided on Silva’s future now in the Octagon given that he lost, but was close to winning at one point, but generally he is full of praise for the loyalty he’s shown to the UFC and says that whether he’s fighting or not he’ll be with the UFC for a long time to come.

– Wanderlei Silva Vs Vitor Belfort isn’t a fight White will be considering for the time being due to the fact that Silva lost. They’ll wait until Belfort’s hands healed and then see what’s next for him.

– White is critical of Rony ‘Jason’s’ performance. He says the TUF: Brazil fighters fought like killers during the show, but didn’t perform like that at the event. He feels like they should be been fighting hard to ensure their place in the UFC, but instead speculates that the packed arena and fan adulation that they’ve been receiving in the build-up to the show may have went to their heads and they didn’t focus on their fights and perform as they should have.

– He was happier with the ‘Mutante’ Vs ‘Serginho’ fight, but overall “wasn’t 100% thrilled with the night.”

– Junior Dos Santos Vs Cain Velasquez II will happen, but White admits that it probably won’t be happening at UFC 152 as had originally been planned.

– As down on this event as he was White admits that he’s looking forward to UFC 148’s main event between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen which he feels is the fight of the year.