UFC president Dana White had plenty to say for himself yesterday following the ‘UFC On FOX 2’ pre-fight press conference.

Below you can read keynotes from an interview he had with Mauro Ranallo, and you can also scroll down to watch it for yourselves.

– Fox anchor Curt Menafee, Randy Couture and Jon Jones will be the full panel for the ‘UFC On FOX 2’ broadcast.

– White is impressed with Chael Sonnen’s unparalleled ability to come up with quips and one-liners on the spot, but what he likes about him most is his ability to back up his talk in the Octagon.

– If Rashad Evans wins he gets an immediate title shot against Jon Jones. If Phil Davis wins then they will assess his performance and see whether he’s ready to face Jones. Either way White expects Jones to defend his 205lb title in Atlanta this April.

– With regards to Strikeforce, White says he would like to have more hands-on control and guarantees that he can steady the ship if that’s the case. So far he’s not been given that control however, but he’s going to speak with Showtime about it next week.

– Moving on to the story of the UFC’s website being hacked, White says he’s “not afraid of the internet” and says, “it’s where the cowards live.”

He goes on to claim that the hackers recent activities in which they pulled down a number of major company websites including the UFC has backfired as it’s only lead to the government being more determined to do something about it.

He likens them to the terrorists who took down the Twin Towers in New York on 9/11 and tells people to “sit back and see what happens in the next several months”, pointing out that this is bigger than him or the UFC.

If you go around acting like a terrorist you’re going to get Osama Bin ladined”.

– Calgary or Edmunton are the markets in Canada that the UFC are looking to head into next.

– White claims GSP is a “freak of nature” and is going to be back from his knee surgery a lot quicker than people had expected.

Watch the full interview below.