Below you’l’l find our keynotes from Dana White’s interview with Ariel Helwani ahead of this weekend’s ‘UFC On FOX 4’ event in Los Angeles, plus you can scroll down to watch it in full for yourselves.

– The title fight between Velasquez Vs Dos Santos that fronted ‘UFC On FOX 1’ last year was a one off to celebrate their new TV deal and it wasn’t ever their plan to consistently put big title fights on the channel.

– White is still very enthusiastic about the UFC’s relationship with FOX in general, and notes that it’s still a work in progress and there’s going to be good things happening in the coming months.

– FOX announced they’ll be using a ‘ref cam’ on Saturday night, but White’s not a big fan of it. Nevertheless he’s willing to give it a try and see how it works out.

– Jon Jones has already convincingly beaten all four contenders at 205lbs who’ll front tomorrow’s show, but White thinks they will be able to sell a rematch with one of the winners if one of them delivers an “insane performance.”

– Brandon Vera has been saying all week that this is his time to prove everyone wrong, but White admits he’s not buying into that just yet – he’ll need to prove himself in the Octagon. White believes that Vera’s whole career could be defined by what he does on Saturday night.

– WWE promoter Vince McMahon has called the UFC’s ratings ‘abysmal’, but White’s not looking for a war of words with him and instead just seems mystified as to why the outspoken CEO is targeting his organization. He chalks it down to the fact that McMahon is a natural competitor, “it’s just the way he’s built.”

– Strikeforce matchmaker Sean Shelby tried to put together a deal for Tim Sylvia to fight Daniel Cormier, but from the sounds of things when Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta heard about it they shut it down.

– White loves the Cormeir Vs Frank Mir that’ll now take place in Strikeforce and says anthing’s possible regarding future crossover fights between the organizations.

– White admits he’s already butting heads with new TUF coach Roy Nelson on the show, describing him as “a huge pain in the ass.”