Following last night’s UFC On FOX 8 event in Seattle, UFC President Dana White sat down with the media to discuss the evening’s big talking points.

Read on for our detailed notes on what he had to say, or scroll down to watch the full interview for yourselves courtesy of MMAfighting.com.

– Dana says that if fighters want to earn more money then they need to go all out to win the fighter bonuses, just as Ed Herman and Trevor Smith with their ‘Fight Of The Night’ performance in the prelims.

– He puts Rory MacDonald on blast for his performance. Stressing that you are only as good as your last fight, he feels MacDonald did very little in the fight blew a big chance to get out from under GSP’s shadown and into title contention.

Apparently UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta agrees, he texted White to say, “This is terrible,” during the fight.

White believes that Ellenberger froze during the fight, and that MacDonald failed to capitalize. Hopes the young fighter learns from this and that he doesn’t put on another sub-par display like that in the future, stating that it’s bad for him, the UFC, the sport in general and FOX.

Despite his obvious annoyance, White does admit that MacDonald is still one of the best in the world though.

– There’s been talk of Nick Diaz returning to the UFC, but White claims that as far as he’s aware the fighter is still retired. Regarding Diaz’s coach Cesar Gracie claiming there was a fight on the table for Diaz, White says it’s not true and he hasn’t even spoke to Gracie for over a year.

White has spoke to Diaz via text recently, but admits he’s a tough guy to read so he’s not sure whether he wants to fight or not. He did however state that Diaz apparently wants to “slap the sh*t” out of reporter Ariel Helwani if he ever sees him again! It’s not clear why though.

– Tito Ortiz has been claiming he might come out of retirement, but White’s blunt with his thoughts on the matter, stating, ‘”Who gives a sh*t.” He thinks Ortiz needs money and that’s the only reason he wants to come back. White claims he doesn’t mind if Ortiz moves over to rival like Bellator, stressing that he’s barely won a fight in years.

– There’s reports that Vitor Belfort doesn’t want to fight Tim Kennedy, but while White wasn’t aware of that he makes it clear that the Brazilian isn’t going to get his wish to fight either Anderson Silva or Chris Weidman next.

– Regarding a major rumor that Viacom / Bellator are aiming to get into the PPV market at the end of this year with a ‘Rampage’ Vs Roy Jones Jr headliner, White warns – “Get ready to lose some money boys.” He points out that Bellator are struggling to draw an audience to their free shows on Spike TV at the moment, let alone try to break into the pay-per-view market.

– He feels that one of the big problems with Bellator on Spike TV is that they are just copying ideas, claiming that their ‘Fight Master’ reality show is essentially just a rip-off of ‘The Voice’ and ‘The Ultimate Fighter’.

– White appears excited for the new season of TUF starring Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate. “Episode one is great and episode two is awesome. It’s going to be a great season,” he says.

– Dana shoots down a rumor that they are looking to add another female division to the UFC. For now they are just focusing on building the bantamweight division for the next couple of years.

He was happy with the Carmouche Vs Andrade fight on FOX and came away impressed with Carmouche. He wasn’t so keen on the de Randamie Vs Kedzie fight on FX though.

– Like many other observers, White was not impressed by the judges, who produced a number of split decision verdicts throughout the evening. Adding to some of the bad calls throughout the night, White revealed that the judges actually gave Andrade the first round against Carmouche, though luckily the scorecards didn’t end up being needed in that bout.

– He doesn’t know why Chael Sonnen wants to move back to middleweight, but he appears happy enough for him to do so.

– White’s asked about the chances of Paul Daley returning to the UFC, and for the first time he doesn’t seem adamant that it won’t happen, enquiring if the UK fighter has been winning or not (he’s on a four fight winning streak). He still seems reluctant, but there’s perhaps more light at the end of the tunnel here for ‘Semtex’ than in the past.

– White sees Viacom’s plan to put on Rampage vs Jones Jr as a bad move, but he says that’s to be expected when you’re dealing with a network who don’t understand the fight business. He appears to despise Viacom chief Philippe Dumont and emplores him to waste more money trying to compete with the UFC. He believes this is a pet project for Dumont and that he’ll continue to spend money in an attempt to make it work.

– White says Roy Nelson is convinced that the UFC would never give him a title shot, but the UFC president points out that he has to prove himself first by beating top ranked fighters in the division, and he’ll get that chance against Daniel Cormier.

– A report has emerged that a number of sportsment, including some MMA fighters, have been linked to a Florida medical clinic alleged to have been distributing performance-enhancing drugs. White claims he doesn’t know much about it, but acknowledges that it would be bad if it turns out to be UFC fighters that are involved and he’s not sure what the consequences of it would be, claiming it’d be, “another headache I don’t need.”