Following UFC On Versus 6 last night Dana White spoke with Ariel Helwani about the evening’s big talking points.

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– Dana was happy with Dominick Cruz performance despite the fact he drew some boos from the Washington crowd. He gives credit to his technical ability and his well rounded skills.

He also gives respect to the fact that the champion broke his hand early in the fight yet fought the entire five rounds and did all his post-fight media obligations without once mentioning it.

White confirms that Cruz will now need surgery on his hand again.

– Dana believes Cruz will get his pound-for-pound respect eventually, but points out that some fighters have to grind their way up to the top rather than burst onto the p4p list like Jon Jones has.

– It’s always been the UFC’s policy to put a fighter like Cruz that they like and want to showcase on free TV shows such as last night’s event.

– White wouldn’t commit to Pat Barry’s future in the UFC after his second loss in a row, but his demeanor suggested that he would get another chance, and he praised him for “being a big kicker and puncher” and always going out with the mentality to either finish or be finished.

– The “horribly inconsistent” refereeing at MMA events continues to infuriate the UFC president. He says it’s out of his hands though and also points out that it’s not just happening in MMA, but combat sports in general.

– White was impressed by the whole fight card from start to finish, but gave special mention to the wars between Neer and Wisniewski and Wiman Vs Danzig.

– Explaining his recent comments about hosting two events on one night, White says that they are planning to have a Japanese event airing live for free on TV that will lead into a pay-per-view event in the U.S.

– Helwani sets White up for a rant by mentioning Bob Arum and his comments that the reason the UFC are able to put big fights like Velasquez Vs Dos Santos on FOX for free is because they only pay their fighters 20% of the earnings while boxing pays out 80%.

White responds by saying that Arum knows nothing about what the UFC pays it’s fighters and calls him “a fat, lying pig.” He also points out that it’s only a small handful of boxers who get paid huge purses, and others on the big cards can get as little as $600.

The UFC president claims that since 2006 when the promotion first started making a profit they’ve made 40 millionaires, 20 of those being multi-millionaires, and there’s been fighters who’ve been paid $10 million.

He also notes that boxing doesn’t pay fighters insurance like the UFC does, nor does it bring certain fighters back in to the company to work behind the scenes after they retire like the UFC has done in the past.

Getting increasingly angry as he talks about it, White goes on to state that Bob Arum is one of the people who’s helped kill off the sport of boxing.

– Helwani then winds White up further by asking him about the Culinary Union’s continued battle to keep the UFC out of the state of New York, with their latest tactic being to set up a website attacking the UFC president’s demeanor.

Naturally White is less than impressed, and points out that nobody will be shocked by the website’s revelations that he does things like swear a lot since anybody can go on YouTube and see that anyway – it’s common knowledge. He says that Union are wasting their members money spending it on things like this and he doesn’t care what they do anyway. “Guys, create another website, put on a TV show – I couldn’t care less.”

– Moving on to a recent comment from Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson that he may move over to boxing once his UFC deal is over, White says that, “If you think the grass is greener over in boxing, you need to talk to some boxers.” He says that boxers he speaks to all wish they could be in the UFC.

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  1. unfortunately, anyone who follows boxing knows dana’s right. it’s also true that arum’s a fat, greedy pig.

  2. What struck me about Arum’s recent comments is that he almost seemed proud of the fact that boxing doesn’t give back to the fans because the promoters pay their boxers barrow-loads of cash.

    Honestly, I’d hate for MMA to get to that stage where it’s all focused on the money, the top fighters are getting paid ridiculous sums of money and the fans are getting screwed.

    We’re very lucky in MMA at this moment in time that the UFC are more than willing to do things like put on big title fights and significant events on free TV even if it impacts their bottom line.

    There are rumors that boxing may be about to follow in the UFC’s footsteps and put a notable fight on free TV, but the real acid test will be whether they are willing to do so on a regular basis as is happening in MMA.