UFC president Dana White is scheduled to have surgery today on his left ear in the hopes of alleviating the symptoms of his Meniere’s Disease.

“Taking off to LA for the surgery right now. I have it at 830am, PUMPED!!! Thank u all so much for the well wishes. Much appreciated,” White told his followers on Twitter.

The operation will see White’s ear cut off completely and then insert a tube and then reattach the ear again.

Despite the rather grim sounding procedure it’s actually far less dangerous than some of the other potential operations that he could have faced for his condition and believe it or not if all goes well White intends to be in Brazil on Saturday night to watch ‘UFC On FX 7’.

The only catch is that the surgery does not guarantee a 100% cure, it simply reduces the chance of him getting an attack which generally brings symptoms like intense pain, nausea and vertigo.