Dana White Unhappy With BJ Penn’s New Biography

BJ Penn released his new biography, “Why I Fight – The Belt Is Just An Accessory” this week, and it appears that there is some controversy brewing over what was written in it.

Today Dana White told SI.com that he phoned up Penn and his lawyer demanding to know, “Why would you put out a book that is 90 percent not true?”

The UFC president went on to elaborate on what was said.

“I asked him why he would write lies in there and he swore to me that he didn’t write it or read it. So did Gary. If today they are saying they didn’t say that, then I feel sorry for them.”

White has apparently no longer upset with one of his longest serving fighters, noting, “I’m happy with what he said. He is a fighter, not a book writer.”

One thing that remains a mystery is what exactly was said in the book that White believed to be false. When prompted to name the alleged lies he declined to do so.

Penn’s co-author David Weintraub hints at the reason though when questioning whether White had actually read the book.

“He would have understood the arc of the book and how B.J. has grown as person from someone who had contentious issues with them early on and how it changed as he matured.”

BJ Penn’s biography, ‘Why I Fight’ is available to buy now at Amazon, and all other good book stores.

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