Over the weekend New York City residents were terrorized by a knife-wielding man went on a killing spree in the city.

During the 28 hour rampage Maksim Gelman stabbed three victims to death, killed another during a hit-and-run incident in a car, and then attempted to kill another man in a subway train carriage the next day.

That man was Joe Lozito, a long-time MMA and UFC fan who was sitting onthe train minding his own business when Gelman approached him, drew his knife and told him he was about to be killed.

Lozito says he’s never trained in mixed martial arts, but had picked up some techniques having watched the sport for so many years, and instinctively went for an improvised leg sweep takedown, and helped subdue the man until nearby police officers could take over.

The 40 year-old suffered several knife-inflicted wounds during the attack, but was able to leave hospital the following day after receiving a number of stitches and staples.

Since then Lozito has been hailed as a hero, and in honor of his bravery, UFC president Dana White visited with him and offered him tickets to come and site cage-side with White at UFC 128 in near-by New Jersey in March.

Watch more news on the story, and footage of the meeting between White and Lozito below.

Story link: MyFoxNY.com