UFC president Dana White has revealed that he will soon be undergoing surgery to help aid his fight against Meniere’s Disease which he was diagnosed with last year.

“Saw the Dr today about my menieres and I’m getn the surgery when I get home from Brazil!!!!! :)” White told his Twitter followers.

Meniere’s Disease is an inner-ear disorder that brings about ‘attacks’ that can affects the patient’s balance and hearing, and in cases like White’s that can come with severe vertigo and nausea.

Unfortunately there’s no definitive cure for the condition, and so far doctor’s had been resistant to the idea of treating White with surgery given that it may not be successful and can bring about other risks such as hearing loss and increased vertigo.

In addition the recovery time is substantial and can require the patient to re-learn how to walk.

White has always been adamant however that he wanted the surgery, and it appears he’s finally got his way.