UFC fans are one and done when it comes to picking bonuses according to Dana White after online voters opted for GSP Vs Josh Koscheck as the ‘Fight Of The Night,’ at UFC 124.

For the first time ever fans were allowed to go online and select who they thought should be given the award and handed the $100,000 bonus.  Unfortunately rather than voting for the best fight many fans instead simply voted for their favorite fighter, and that meant GSP’s fight was inevitably going to win.

It’s fair to say White was not impressed.

“I’m always about the fans and I try to include them any way I can, but they blew it tonight, ok.  You guys picked the wrong ‘Fight Of The Night’ and yeah, I’m going to be picking Fight Of The Night from now on.”

In Dana’s opinion the three round prelim war between Matt Riddle and Sean Pierson which was replayed during the PPV event should have been given the award.

At the post-fight press conference GSP mentioned that he was friends with Pierson, causing Dana to joke, “you owe him $100,000.”

White also confirmed that he’d, “take care” of both Riddle and Pierson for their performance.